ARTA White Labeling Is Here

Posted by Rachael Gilpin on Apr 28, 2022 8:00:00 AM
Rachael Gilpin
White labeling allows your customers to see your brand each time they experience the streamlined communication and transparency of ARTA-hosted products.


We’re excited to announce that ARTA’s White Labeling service is now live. White labeling allows your customers to see your brand each time they experience the streamlined communication and transparency of ARTA-hosted products. White labeling boosts your brand’s visibility while saving your team labor and costs associated with building a custom integration.

ARTA White Labeling allows our clients to use their logo and brand color on ARTA’s hosted products like Booking, Tracking, and Emails, giving customers a seamlessly branded experience. In addition to your logo and brand color, Clients can add a cover image to ARTA Booking, Tracking, and Checkout that further shows off your brand.

ARTA White Labeling provides clients with the freedom to create a custom domain for ARTA-hosted pages and display social media links in their brand color. These details ensure the end user's experience feels consistent and part of our clients' own UIs. 

This premium feature is offered at an additional cost. If you’re interested in ARTA White Labeling, please reach out to your account manager, or send a message to and you’ll receive a reply shortly.

ARTA White Label Example


ARTA-Hosted Products with White Labeling

White Labeling is supported across all ARTA-hosted products. Below is a brief description of each product and an illustration of how each will be customized to your brand preferences.


ARTA White Label for Bonhams

The above shows Bonhams’ customer updates with ARTA White Labeling.


ARTA Tracking

ARTA Tracking has been redesigned to provide more contextual and detailed insight into each shipment in your brand. Previously, one public shipment page provided extensive information; we now offer several pages to serve more specific, contextual purposes to quickly present the information you need in different contexts.


ARTA White Label for Tracking

ARTA Booking

ARTA Booking is a secure, ARTA-hosted web page that enables your customers to intuitively book and pay for an order, and choose a shipment method that meets their preference.


ARTA White Label for Booking Example


ARTA Emails

ARTA Emails ensure that your teams and customers stay informed of key updates and shipments and are highly configurable.


ARTA White Label for Emails Example


If you think your organization might benefit from ARTA products, we're happy to discuss your needs. Please reach out at

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