Streamlining Customs Clearance

Posted by Meredith Blechman on Mar 15, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Our newest product makes it faster and easier to ship internationally by automating how we collect and submit Electronic Export Information —documentation required to export goods.

As the next step in our mission to streamline the post-purchase experience for buyers and sellers of collectibles, we are excited to release our newest product that makes it faster and easier to ship internationally by automating how we collect and submit Electronic Export Information—documentation required to export goods.

ARTA has always been focused on serving a global client base. We are constantly expanding our global coverage of instant quotes, we’ve rolled out support to allow clients to view and pay for quotes in multiple currencies, and we handle customs clearance for cross-border shipments around the world. 

Shipping internationally is nuanced and intimidating—to the point that it can be prohibitive for sellers to expand their customer base to a global audience. This is due in large part to the complexities of navigating customs clearance, and, given ARTA’s expertise in this area, is often a reason why our clients come to us in the first place. Moreover, the process for collecting required import and export information can be time-consuming and is particularly burdensome for marketplace sellers.

When clients build integrations with our APIs, they can make it as seamless and branded as they’d like which means ARTA doesn’t always have a direct line of communication with Sellers. However, as part of our services, ARTA is engaged to export goods on the seller’s behalf. This means that our team must gather additional information about the objects being shipped and authorization from the seller to complete and file the export information. This product launch features a new workflow that makes it easier for ARTA to communicate directly with the seller and get the details we need, ensuring that the customs clearance process is not delaying the overall shipment timeline.  

How it works

While our new workflow is optimized for marketplace sellers, it can be used by any of our clients that export goods. Once a shipment is booked with ARTA, the seller will receive an email from ARTA prompting them to complete a form with additional details about the items being shipped and granting ARTA authorization to export the items. Once the information is approved by the ARTA team, we can generate a Commercial Invoice and upload all Electronic Export Information to the Carrier or to the governing body’s Automated Export Systems. The information provided allows importing countries to assess duties and taxes, a critical step for clearing customs and completing deliveries.

Note: While we continue to ship internationally on a daily basis and will handle customs clearance anywhere in the world, we are automating this process for US exports first and plan to expand this product to service other geographies in the future. 


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