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Posted by Meredith Blechman on Jan 31, 2019 10:35:08 AM

Not quite ready to book an Instant Quote? Or maybe you need approval or payment from someone else? Now you can save and share Instant Quotes! Read on to learn how.

We had lots of great feedback from you all after the launch of ARTA Instant Quotes in December, and we’re very excited to announce our latest release that we hope will make Instant Quotes even more useful for you and your team:

Save and Share Instant Quotes

These new features will make it even easier for you to take advantage of Instant Quotes, especially when an end client needs to approve and/or pay for the quote, or when you’re not quite ready to book. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be able to turn around quote requests faster than your client can decide where they want to ship:

  1. Once an Instant Quote has been generated, you’ll see a new “Save for Later” option under the “Book Now” button in the black quote callout

  2. Clicking “Save for Later” will create a new Draft that will show up in your “Draft” tab in your dashboard (this tab is to the left of your “Submitted” tab)

  3. From your Draft, you can take any action similar to what you can do on other shipments: Share, Edit, Book, Print, or Delete

Anyone who clicks on the link you’ve shared with them will be able to view and pay for the quote with a credit card without requiring an ARTA account, just like with all of our other shipments.

If you’re ready to book your Draft, simply click the blue “Book Now” button on the saved quote and you will be directed to the checkout flow. Estimated pick up and delivery dates will be provided after you complete booking, but delivery is generally within 2-4 weeks of booking.

Editing your saved Draft will not overwrite your previous saved Draft, but instead create a new one, making it easy for you to generate multiple drafts then make your decision about which one to book later.

Click “Save for Later” to save your Instant Quote as a Draft.

 Click “Save for Later” to save your Instant Quote as a Draft
 Any saved Instant Quotes will show up in your Draft tab, where you can share, edit, and book Any saved Instant Quotes will show up in your Draft tab, where you can share, edit, and book

Have any feedback on this feature or others? Have new ideas for things you’d like to see us build in your dashboard? Let us know! Send us a note at

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