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Posted by Meredith Blechman on Jun 30, 2021 10:15:00 AM

Charles Moffett, a contemporary art gallery in NYC, worked with GrayBits to design and develop his website and content management system that integrates ARTA in a new and innovative way. Read on to learn more about the integration.

We are excited to announce our newest API integration with Charles Moffett, a contemporary art gallery based in New York City. Gallery owner Charles Moffett worked with GrayBits, a design and technology studio based in Philadelphia, to design and develop his website and content management system that integrates ARTA in a new and innovative way. 

The Integration

GrayBits creates websites and digital tools that combine user experience and interactive elements with contemporary, web-forward aesthetics. For Moffett, the goal was to develop a website and backend system that reduced friction in the purchase experience for his collectors, increased transparency into shipping status for purchased works, and also reduced the administrative time his staff spent on post-sale organization and communication.

“Understanding our client’s objectives and requirements is fundamental to how we approach each website and digital tool. When we first launched the gallery’s website, we developed a client portal for collectors to inquire, archive works for potential purchase, message gallery staff, and purchase artworks,” said Branimir Vasilić, President, GrayBits LLC. After seeing success with sales through the website, Moffett and GrayBits saw an opportunity to further improve a clients’ purchase experience by adding accurate shipping estimates to invoices utilizing ARTA’s API. The gallery’s website now includes the option for collectors to be presented with a shipping quote generated through the API, and collectors can accept or decline the quote with a click of a button. “This process expedites communication between the gallery, the collector, and the shipping provider, and allows the collector to view in real time the shipping breakdown and cost before purchasing the work. Relying on ARTA’s expert shipping solution enables us to build workflows specific to our clients requirements while keeping the user experience aesthetically seamless with the rest of the client’s website and content management system,” said Vasilić.

Enhancing the post-sale experience was something that would not only benefit his collectors, but also save his team days of work generally dedicated to sourcing shipping quotes and communicating with all parties. Moreover, shipment milestones are shared with both the gallery staff and the collector in real time, so that neither have to inquire about tracking status over the course of the shipment. “This will greatly reduce the burden on my staff for sourcing shipping quotes and communicating back and forth with the collector for approval, payment, and tracking updates” said Moffett. 

This unique application of ARTA’s API is helping to set a standard for artwork purchases moving forward, particularly as consumer expectations begin to shift in an increasingly digital world.

How It Works

Registrars can create new or view existing invoices. Invoices can be filtered by date, identifier, client name, work name, edition, shipping, and discount.

GrayMatter_Screenshot_1 (1)

GrayMatter_Screenshot_2 (1)

When a collector inquires and is ready to purchase a work, registrars can generate shipping quotes to be included with the invoice. GrayBits’ content management system, GrayMatter, works directly with ARTA’s API to add in these quotes in less than 2 seconds.

GrayMatter_Screenshot_3 (1)

Clients receive invoices from the gallery in which they can accept or decline shipping quotes.

GrayMatter_Screenshot_4 (2)

After a shipping quote has been accepted by a collector, registrars can create a shipment, fulfilled by ARTA, and follow its progress directly from GrayMatter. Collectors are also notified via email about updates in the shipment status.

GrayMatter_Screenshot_5 (1)


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