Introducing the API Client Dashboard

Posted by Meredith Blechman on May 18, 2021 8:13:36 AM

Our API Client Dashboard allows our clients to manage integrations, settings, API keys, shipments, documents, and payments—all in one place. Learn more about our newest product feature.

We are excited to release our API Client Dashboard, out of beta, to all API clients. The dashboard allows our clients to manage integrations, settings, API keys, shipments, documents, and payments—all in one place. The dashboard will also be a central resource for shipment tracking, providing complete visibility into all shipment statuses and history.

Today, clients can view their requests, book a shipment, and view the shipment details from the dashboard. Clients can also create and manage test keys in both live and test mode, add users and control permissions, and manage webhooks. Future updates will allow clients to generate requests from the dashboard, view and manage shipment documents, have more granular insight into shipment payment details, and manage ARTA email notifications.  

Setting up an account and managing user roles:

Each of our clients is represented as an “Organization.” Organizations are designed to be flexible: our clients can create a single organization or multiple organizations that may represent unique segments of their business, e.g. sales channels or geographic segments.

Once an Organization is created, our clients can invite multiple team members to view their Organization’s dashboard. Users are defined by the following roles, each with varying levels of access to specific features of the dashboard and API Integration. 

  • Owners - Owners have complete access to the dashboard and all resources, and can invite and manage users. Organizations can have multiple owners.
  • Members - Members have full access to Requests and Shipments, intended to help manage the day-to-day operations related to a client’s shipping needs. Members have Read-Only access to most of an Organization’s dashboard, so cannot create or manage settings and users.
  • Read-Only - Read-only users can view the details of an Organization and its resources throughout the dashboard, but cannot create or manage any resources.

2.Adding Users

Managing Live and Test mode:

Clients can generate both live and test keys within the dashboard. Once the two keys are generated, there is a filter to view a complete history of shipments, requests, API logs, or webhook endpoints in either live or test mode.

7.Live Vs Test Mode

Managing Requests & Shipments

View details provided for a given request, including:

  • Address Details
  • Object details
  • Requested services
  • ARTA’s quotes and/or disqualification reasons

If a quote is bookable, clients will have the option to book quotes directly from the dashboard.

View and track shipments from within the dashboard, and filter them by status. The following information is viewable for each shipment:

  • Shipment Details
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Collection & Delivery Dates
  • Shipment Services & Cost breakdown

3.Request View

Managing notifications:

ARTA gives clients a lot of flexibility with regards to how shipment milestones and updates are communicated. For clients that want a fully integrated, branded, and seamless ecommerce experience for their customers, ARTA supports webhook notifications through which ARTA communicates shipment status updates directly to our clients, and our clients can determine their preferred method to share those updates with their customers, e.g. email, SMS, push, or onsite notifications and updates. Webhooks can be managed directly within the dashboard.

6.Webhook Notifications

In future releases, clients will be able to manage ARTA Emails within the dashboard. ARTA Emails are built and hosted by ARTA and automatically alert our clients’ customers of shipment status milestones and tracking updates, eliminating the need for our clients to build and manage shipping-related communications and get to market faster.


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