ARTA teams up with Art Frankly

Posted by Meredith Blechman on Mar 12, 2018 2:47:54 PM

We are excited partner with Art Frankly, a jobs and resources database for the art world, to help fill open roles for registrars and logistics professionals.

We often get inquiries from galleries, organizations, and institutions asking if we can recommend candidates for an open registrar or operations role at their organization. Now, ARTA users will get access to Art Frankly’s resources for finding and placing the best candidate in their open positions.

If you are an organization looking to fill an open operations role, please email Given ARTA’s deep understanding of the skill sets required for succeeding in these roles and insight into each of our users’ specific needs, we will use that expertise to provide Art Frankly with input and feedback on the candidates they source.

If you have other roles you are looking to fill, Art Frankly is also offering ARTA users a 25% discount to post a listing on their site with the code FranklyArt.

We are thrilled to be working with another art start-up that is equally focused on utilizing technology to push the industry forward.

*To be clear, ARTA will not be helping individuals find new opportunities. If you are an individual looking for a new job, we recommend browsing open positions on Art Frankly or reaching out to their team directly.

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