Case Study: ARTA Instant Quote

Posted by Meredith Blechman on Dec 14, 2018 12:46:39 PM

ARTA instant quote reduces the time from request to booking to just 4 minutes. Read more in our case study with Andrew Kreps Gallery.

From day one, ARTA set out make shipping precious objects faster, easier, and more streamlined.

By doing so, we could help businesses operate more efficiently by allowing them to better optimize their time and resources. Shipping has always been the achilles heel of global commerce for specialized goods, and our goal was to solve any and all associated problems with buying and selling these items starting first with logistics.

With our newest feature, ARTA Instant Quote, clients receive bookable shipping and service quotes instantly, reducing the usual quoting and booking timeline from weeks to minutes.

Reducing quote to booking time

Andrew Kreps Gallery, a contemporary art gallery located in New York representing the works of 29 international artists, is already taking advantage of ARTA Instant Quote. For a recent shipment from NYC to Chicago, their team received a quote, submitted payment, and confirmed with a shipping partner in less than 4 minutes.

 Reputable, high-quality shipping partners

The Instant Quote is truly a remarkable tool, completely streamlining the processes of artwork transportation and logistics. This feature alone has completely modernized high end shipping, which for us has led to a better use of resources and greater efficiencies within the gallery. The positive effects that this has had, has gone far beyond just shipping and can be recognized as contributing to overall better work flow across departments.”

— Sam Trioli, Production Coordinator & Gallery Manager, Andrew Kreps

After booking, the Andrew Kreps team was connected to Chicago-based Icon Group, the ARTA shipping partner who would be carrying out the requested services. ARTA only works with reputable service providers that meet our high level of standards. Shuttles are guaranteed to be climate controlled, dual driver, air ride vehicles, and all items are handled by trained art technicians.

Work more efficiently

Reducing the time for booking simple shipments to mere minutes enables ARTA users to focus resources on more complicated shipments and other projects, as well as ensures a premium client experience. If you haven’t already, try out ARTA Instant Quote for your next shipment.


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